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Bajjalid [xundo]

Vote NOvember 3 - on the Ballpark (Amarillo) [xundo]

Another Manufactured Controversy pic [xundo]

'Migrants' discuss other travelers pic [xundo]

Another Thing the Media "Missed" Telling Us pic [xundo]

COSTS of ILLEGAL Immigration pic [xundo]

Why do blacks vote Democrat? [xundo]

More on Muslim Invasion Plans [xundo]

Refugees Trash Victorian Home (London) pic [xundo]

O Doesn't Actually Care About Your Religion (but he's a big Christian, you know) pic [xundo]

Another Jolting Disclosure pic [xundo]

Democrat Import Strategy [xundo]

Hillary, really? Is that the best we can do? [xundo]

Can You Help Our President? [xundo]

Barack a muslim? Surely not....... [xundo]

More About the INVASION pic [xundo]

Where Does the Invasion End? pic [xundo]

GO HOME, JEB pic [xundo]

50 Famous People that Didnt Give Up (Just Like Trump) pic [xundo]

We Are Not Conforming pic [xundo]

One Sweden is Plenty pic [xundo]

Russian Hamsters (Amarillo) pic map [xundo]

Just Wanted to Be a Hero [xundo]

Those Poor Refugees pic [xundo]

70% of Syrian Refugees are being shipped to Houston pic [xundo]

Huma Abedin pic [xundo]

American version of the Religion of Peace pic [xundo]

Refugees Have not been Without Costs pic [xundo]

Brooks County (Far from D.C.) pic map [xundo]

Iran & The Good Deal pic [xundo]

Details of The Side Deal pic [xundo]

Dems & Corrupt Voter Laws pic [xundo]

More Ridiculous Regulations [xundo]

A World Issue pic [xundo]

Bill Is Not Happy! pic [xundo]

The H. Clinton Strategy pic [xundo]