Adult spayed female Anatolian Shepherd

The greatest dog ever is in search of a new farm, I can't provide the life she deserves. No fault of her, she's always been the best. She's brilliant and learns quickly. Been exposed to a variety of livestock and pets (horses, calves, sheep, goats, cats, pet snake she's good with but rattlesnakes she isn't, turkeys, geese, pea fowl, ducks) and does well with everything but my quaker parrot. I originally bought her to guard goats and she was amazing with them, she once delivered a stuck dead kid and probably saved the doe in the process.
She leads and loads, will ride in any vehicle unless she distrusts you, in which case she will lie down and become 120 pounds of dead weight.. She loves other dogs but recognizes if one is a threat to her livestock or children and behaves accordingly. I've never had a loss to predators since getting her.
She loves children more than anything and will go to the ends of the earth to protect them. She's incredibly patient with kids of all ages.
She prefers to sleep outdoors but is house broke and crate trained. She can jump even tall fences with ease but doesn't roam, she will stay on a tie out if necessary and she behaves if you have to keep her indoors. She's not destructive but will dig a hole to keep cool in the summer.
She's spayed and microchipped, has her rabies shot and needs a rattlesnake booster.
She loves playing in the snow and pup cups from dq.
She will be four years old in November.
She's the best dog I've ever had and the life we have now isn't enough for her. She deserves much better. Please text if you might be able to give our girl the amazing home she deserves.
Seriously, text, don't call.

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