Lost a Pet in Amarillo? Do This First

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"Duchess went missing one Tuesday at 1:30 pm. The security camera picked her up running from the back fence where she escaped through a small opening to the front of the house. Then, she headed out of the neighborhood at a high rate of speed!When we discovered she was missing it had already been over 3 hours. We searched until it got dark. The next morning, rain hampered my search efforts, as everyone else had to go back to work. I also posted to PawMaw that morning. On the third day, we enlisted the help of a well known pet detective in Florida named Jamie Katz.We spread out in a 5 mile radius of the home with 60 laminated signs, and put them in spots specified by Jamie on a map, allowing no one to enter or exit the subdivision without seeing a sign. It is the signs that reunited us with Duchess on the 6th day. After 3 hours of searching an area from a tip the night before, we received a call from our new angel, Sasha.She said she thought the dog she was following was Duchess, and and asked us to come quick. We made it there in less then 5 minutes, and she had Duchess cornered under a small table outside an entryway to a house. I saw her and cried her name and she ran right to me. Amazing feeling!We really had lost hope, except my Wife, Sharon, who kept saying to believe. So many things went wrong to allow her to escape, but we are grateful at this second chance. Duchess was found a mere 5 streets over, although because it's quite wooded it probably is more like 1/4 of a mile. PawMaw was also a help, as the Marion County Animal Services looks at your site, and prints out all missing animals from the area, and posts them on a board. There were also a lot of positive comments, and tips for searching. The picture is my daughter Valerie, the owner of Duchess, literally 2 minutes after we found her."Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Duchess's alert. Duchess was a little thirsty and needed a bath, but otherwise unharmed
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